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I am sure you, like many, were horrified to hear the attempts to soften the British public up to the idea of giving Thatcher a state funeral upon her death.

The Thatcher years saw the acceleration of the destruction of Britain’s industrial base – engineering, volume car production, steelworks, mines, shipbuilding are just a few.  Above all others, Thatcher smashed our heritage without any compassion or thought for communities

We've all day-dreamed, or exchanged jokey ideas over a pint, about what we'll do on the day that Thatcher finally pops her clogs.

Badges & T-shirts & CD

LeftSpace, as our contribution to these ideas have designed both T-shirts and a high quality enamel badge. You can see the design of these in the image below. In addition, supporters have produced various material - including the CD advertised on the left - A compilation of tracks on You Tube ready for the great party.

As far as the badges go - you will appreciate that the costs of such badges and T-shirts are very dependant on volumes ordered. We need to order at least 2,000 to minimise costs - at around 75p each - or 5,000 badges at around 60p each. We appreciate that organisations may not be able to purchase that quantity - that is why we are willing to receive expressions of interest for badges of 100 or more - once we get a sufficient demand we can proceed with a bulk order once we have confirmed final price and delivery time scale with yourselves.

We have been selling locally these badges for £2 – this could help facilitate local fundraising for local groups if that was desired.

You will appreciate that the turnaround time for badges are around 4-6 weeks and as such, an order sooner rather than later is advised.

Anti Thatcher Badges - enamel design


Party Now Dance on Thatcher's Grave - compilation of some of the best and most offensive anti-Thatcher tracks around. Why wait until she's dead? when you can have plenty of pre-parties in the build up to the big one with this CD.  Minimum donation of £1.99 will cover the production and postage - if you wish to pay more, then the extra will go directly to fund anti-bnp work in Wolverhampton - cleaning up the legacy of Thatcherism!